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Oh, Canada.

A friend once pointed out to me that in Canada, hockey is used to sell almost everything. The rest? Well, there’s this:


That’s Canada for you: selling real estate via curling. For those of you unfamiliar with the sport, it’s like shuffleboard on ice, where somehow it’s perfectly legal for your teammates to whip out brooms and sweep debris out of the way of your stone as needed. It’s the ideal “beer league” sport for middle-aged Canadians who are not quite fit enough for pick-up hockey during the 8 months per year that the weather is crap.

The caption says “faites d’une pierre deux coups…” which figuratively means “kill two birds with one stone”, but literally it’s more like “make two hits with one stone”, which works better in the context of a curling metaphor. I think one of those stones could take out a couple of ostriches.


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Cashew Shrimp

I will occasionally post about food here. Be warned that it will not be along the lines of “I got this great recipe from the Joy of Cooking/some other blog/The Barefoot Naked Iron Ace of Chefs Show and I followed it to the letter and by golly it turned out great and here are some pretty pictures!” Rather, I expect it to be about 80% “there’s a reason people don’t cook like this” and 20% “you wouldn’t think that this would work, but it actually sorta does”.


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