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Fun with signs!

Here are some signs from my trips to Moscow and Istanbul. See if you can decipher them! Some are way easy because of the font/colors/logo, but there are a few noodle-scratchers in there I bet.

It's not going to get much easier than this one. On the Moscow River.


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Let’s talk Turkey.

Istanbul has got to be one of the most crowded and chaotic cities in Europe — 15 million people or so crammed into an area where the livable space is seriously constrained by water on all sides and some serious elevation changes. (I assume it is also one of the most crowded and chaotic cities in Asia, but I didn’t spend much time on the East Bank of the Bosphorus so I can’t judge.) I was amazed at how civil, good-natured, and downright friendly the people were — I’ve been around Parisians and Muscovites, and most of all Montrealers,  and it is really no contest. This applies most of all to the family and friends of the lovely bride whose wedding was the reason for my visit — they were all very generous and worked hard to put on a first-class event that I enjoyed tremendously.

With this in mind, what follows will not be so kind to Turkey.



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